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Financial Fitness Podcast

Episode 147: Common Investment Mistakes

Staying Mentally Sharp For Retirement 
Financial Fitness Podcast

Episode 145: Key Industry Trends Every Advisor/Planner Should Know

Key Industry Trends Every Advisor/Planner Should Know

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Episode 11: What People Are Looking For In Retirement

Those include freedom from worrying about their finances, flexibility to do what they want and the ability to spend quality time with family. Today Bob talks about what is different…

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Episode 12: Why Guaranteed Retirement Income is Vital

The greater share of income in retirement that is guaranteed, the more confidence you will have going into retirement. Today Cortney Dale from Bob’s office in Victoria addresses ways to…

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Episode 13: 19 Questions To Ask In Hiring An Advisor

In the first of a two part show, Bob and Megan address 19 questions to ask anyone you might consider to oversee your financial strategy for retirement. A task especially…

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Episode 14: 19 Questions Part Two

In the second of a two part show, Bob and Megan finish their discussion on what to ask any potential advisor you want to handle your retirement finances. They also…

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Episode 15: When Does An Annuity Make Sense

Annuties can be a source of guaranteed income for retirement – but they are also a sensitive subject because they are complex and not always understood well. Today Cortney Dale…

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Episode 16: Doing Distribution Right

It is not easy to change the mindset from saving for retirement to taking the money out to spend it. Today Bob discusses the most efficient manners to do this,…

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Episode 17: Ages and Stages – Mark These Birthdays on Your Financial Calendar

There are a range of ages from 50-70 1/2 that you need to know when planning your retirement. These are the various points where you can make decisions like saving…

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Episode 18: Medicare Open Enrollment

It’s that time again – time to make any changes in certain parts of Medicare coverage. Cortney Dale, the insurance specialist in the Victoria office, talks about what is on…

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Episode 19: Why Diversify?

Why? So your nest egg can be the most efficient and effective for your retirement dreams and goals. Today Bob talks about how this can be best accomplished through many…

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Episode 20: Retirement Income Strategies

Or, in a sense, ways to be sure your nest egg is maximized so you will never run out of money. Bob goes through the ways planning can help you…

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