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Financial Fitness Podcast

Episode 147: Common Investment Mistakes

Staying Mentally Sharp For Retirement 
Financial Fitness Podcast

Episode 145: Key Industry Trends Every Advisor/Planner Should Know

Key Industry Trends Every Advisor/Planner Should Know

More from the Financial Fitness Podcast with Bob Schwarz

Episode 21: Ways to Improve Your Financial Health

Including ways to improve your physical health, which is tied in directly with your retirement outlook. Bob talks about a number of ways where being physically healthy can help you…

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Episode 22: Commodity Marketing – December 9, 2017

A long awaited edition of Financial Fitness where Bob talks with Paul Mussman from Ag West, a commodity marketing firm, on how best to take the products produced by farmers…

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Episode 23: Medicare Year End Update

If you are planning on applying for Medicare soon, Cortney Dale, the insurance specialist for Bob Schwarz Financial, talks about year end changes if you have it now and what…

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Episode 24: Volatility in the Market

With the recent uptick in stock market volatility, you might be concerned about a correction robbing your retirement investments of value. Today Bob addresses this and the best ways to…

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Episode 25: Key Financial Retirement Steps

If you are getting closer to retirement, you need to know about various strategies and maneuvers to help get the most from your nest egg. Today Bob addresses some of…

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Episode 26: Bridging the Retirement Income Gap

You’ve saved for your retirement, and the day is now here. What will you do with that money? If you don’t understand how to make that nest egg work for…

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Episode 27: Biggest Retirement Myths Debunked

Today Bob talks about eight myths and misconceptions about various retirement topics and sets the record straight about investment strategies, Social Security, and even advisors themselves. Bob discusses what is…

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Episode 28: Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time

How do you manage your retirement accounts like 401Ks or IRAs to get the most out of them? Today Cortney Dale from Bob’s Victoria office helps guide you through the…

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Episode 29: Essential Money Questions to Answer Before You Retire

Do you want to be confident in your retirement? Then there are some things you need to ask yourself beforehand, and Bob talks about what those issues concern, such as…

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Episode 30: Will Your Family Be Okay If Something Happens to the Breadwinner?

That may be a question no one wants to think about, but if you plan ahead, you will have far fewer headaches if that time comes than if you don’t.…

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